X-Ray diagnostics


Modern dentistry could not exist without imaging diagnostics. With dental implants becoming more and more popular each year, good quality x-rays have never been more important.

Since the 1990s traditional analog x-rays are being replaced by digital pieces of equipment, but even today only 30% of European dental practices are equipped with them.

Our clinic has recently purchased a digital panoramic x-ray machine from the Finnish company Planmeca.

What is the AALRA principle


The acronym stands for As Low as Reasonably Achievable.

What does this mean?


It refers to an individual’s exposure to radiation. As radiation can be harmful to live tissues, it is a must to aim for the least radiation possible.
With digital devices, the dose is significantly lower compared to analog x-rays.

Other benefits of digital X-rays:


– The images are really detailed enabling your dentist to see the tiniest deformities in your jaws
– optimized data storage
– copies are of the same quality as the original
– more precise planning of dental implants
– easy to send to others professionally is a case that needs to be discussed.

Disadvantages of digital X-rays:


The only real disadvantage is the high price of the equipment. Of course, our patients will not pay more for a digital x-ray, as for us the health and safety of our patients is the most important principle.

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