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Our practice provides professional help with tooth preservation as well as the replacement of lost teeth. Tooth replacement is an area of dentistry that has to focus on recovering the patient’s healthy chewing function, the replacement’s ease of cleaning, impeccable aesthetics and its relation to existing teeth and other tooth replacements. It is a creative work that requires great precision, a good sense of aesthetics, and a ratio, that has a visible and perceptible effect on the patient’s quality of life.

Why is it necessary to replace lost teeth?


Teeth – just like any other system – can only fulfill their function if every single element is properly functional. This system is “fine-tuned” to distribute the load between teeth evenly, it is a stable system, teeth that are part of it properly utilize the space available for them.  If we remove one or more teeth from this system, the whole system will have to re-adjust to find its balance position. This may result in tooth migration or teeth elevation from the occlusal plane. Every further lost tooth will generate similar changes in the system, and in the long term every such change makes the creation of proper tooth replacements a little more difficult. Tooth replacements created in time can prevent the occurrence of a lot of problems later.

What kind of tooth replacements are we making?


Fixed tooth replacements
From the patient’s quality of life point of view, fixed tooth replacements provide a great deal higher feeling of comfort than removable dentures, therefore we endeavor to create fixed tooth replacements when possible. In this, we rely on the cooperation of our partner dental laboratory who create these replacements for our patients.

We regard crowns and bridges as fixed tooth replacements. These are artificial teeth created by dental technicians partially by handcraft, partially by digital technology. They can be fitted onto natural teeth providing those were ground down to a proper shape beforehand, but implants can also provide their base. Their appearance is exactly like that of natural teeth, they indiscernibly fit into the aesthetics of one’s smile.

Bridges and crowns can be created in traditional make, in this case, a metallic framework provides the inner structure of the crowns, concealed with tooth-colored porcelain on the outside.

However, these days metal-free solutions are more popular, with which the most beautiful crowns can be crafted.

Fixed tooth replacements can’t be removed by the patient at home. Very special care has to be taken keeping them clean, especially talking about bridge replacements, since in this case cleaning has to be carried out between the pillars under the bridge.

Removable tooth replacements
When there is no possibility for creating fixed tooth replacements, we still have the means to replace missing teeth by other methods. These days creating a removable tooth replacement we are able to consider utilizing a great range of comfort solutions that make our patients’ every day life more pleasant.

Removable tooth replacements require different habits, let it be cleaning, eating or wearing. Their cleaning is usually done outside the mouth by the use of a denture cleaning brush, and the regular use of denture cleaning tablets is also strongly recommended. As far as everyday use goes, the fastening of dentures is not as strong as with fixed replacements. It may be enhanced by the use of denture adhesives, but – as long as the patient agrees and is suitable for it – the fitting of implant-anchored dentures should be considered. These replacements are also removable, but only by the proper technique, thus we can put unintended movement forever behind us.

Dentures are not solely for complete tooth loss. There are partial dentures for cases where only a part of the teeth is missing but even the replacement of individual teeth can be solved this way, although usually this is only employed as a temporary solution.

Combined tooth replacements
It is a very common occurrence that with the passage of time the patient loses their molars one by one, while incisors and canines remain relatively intact and stable. This situation is a bit puzzling at times because creating a fixed tooth replacement for this kind of occurrence is very difficult. We can’t design a bridge replacement, because it wouldn’t have a support pillar at the back, and fitting an implant is often problematic in these cases because the jawbone in this region is especially prone to atrophy.

In these situations we usually recommend the creation of a combined tooth replacement, consisting of a fixed and a removable part. Crowns are fitted onto teeth in the aesthetic region, also refreshing the smile.

A removable replacement is created in place of the missing molars, the sides of which can be connected with a horseshoe-shaped metal arch. This arch runs behind the incisors, thus causes no aesthetic issues, but it aids in achieving greater stability.

In other cases the removable part can be linked to the fixed crowns by a precise locking mechanism. This way molar replacements are fastened steadily inside the mouth without the danger of moving.

By the help of using MK1 latch locking mechanisms, we can also help patients who have lost their molars on one side only.

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