Root canal treatment


Root canal treatments help to save and conserve teeth in really bad conditions. This is especially important in case the loss of certain teeth would significantly affect the patient’s quality of life. Our practice is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment that is necessary for a successful root canal treatment.

Reconstructing the chewing function may cost you a lot more if you decide not to attempt to save the tooth. The tooth in this case needs to be extracted and later replaced by a dental implant. If you opt for saving the tooth by performing a root canal treatment, your total treatment cost will be significantly lower.

When is root canal treatment necessary?


Each of our teeth has 3 parts: the crown, the neck, and the roots. These are connected by the root canal system that is the home of nerves and vessels inside your tooth. If a bacterial infection occurs at any part of the tooth, it will cause the entire tooth to get inflamed.

In order to save the tooth, the bacteria have to be completely removed from the root canals. This requires a really precise procedure, good quality equipment, and a skilled and experienced professional.

How is a root canal treated tooth different from a healthy, living tooth?


During the root canal procedure, your tooth is devitalized, meaning it is no longer going to be alive. These teeth are not completely equivalent to the living teeth, but if they don’t produce any symptoms, they can be really useful for biting and chewing. The success rate of root canal treatments is over 90% in our practice.

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