Replacements with implants


Implantátumos fogpótlások


Dental implants provide a solid base for several kinds of tooth replacement, depending on your expectations and the condition of your teeth. The range of solutions spans from replacing one tooth to treating complete tooth loss. Below we present to you this versatile solution through examples of our patients!

1. A single missing tooth: for a highly damaged tooth and/or root having it removed and replaced by an implant-supported ceramic crown may be the best long-term solution. This was the ideal solution for our patient, because next to the extracted tooth they had healthy natural teeth which would have been a waste to file down for the sake of replacement! It’s easy to tell in the picture that the shape, color and size of the replacement is exactly alike the lost tooth, thus after the completion of the replacement our patient can eat exactly the same as if it was their own tooth.

2. Multiple missing teeth: having a fully fixed dental bridge based on 2 or more dental implants allows patients to eat whatever they wish. In this case we had to replace several, adjacent teeth, moreover teeth which were in the chewing zone. There is tremendous pressure affecting these teeth while chewing, therefore as a first step with proper static planning we determined the support points to create ideal load distribution. We placed the implants in these positions, onto which we created a bridge replacement after the healing period. Since the creation of the replacement our patient can chew again on both sides, and furthermore, their replacement came out beautifully!

3. Full-mouth restorations: fixed bridges supported by implants with excellent chewing function. In this case we can see a complete jawbone rehabilitation. This requires tremendous precision since we have to take care of creating ideal biting conditions. Our patient received 8 implants on one jawbone, onto which a beautiful, fastened tooth replacement was crafted in our dental laboratory.

4. Overdentures: a discreet and stabile solution for a lifetime. In this case we also treated a competely toothless jawbone, but the bone stock of the patient didn’t make creating a completely fastened tooth replacement possible. After fitting 4 implants – and a few months of recovery – we created a special tooth replacement called an “overdenture”.  Overdenture is a special plated tooth replacement designed for implants, which can be removed from the mouth by a series of special motions, but it will not move accidentally!

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