Almost every patient of ours greets the well-accustomed team of our practice as dear acquaintances. We believe in permanence and predictability, therefore we are very proud of having been able to count on each other for years.

The Top-Dent dental practice is not a “mass practice”, but a place where a relationship of trust develops between the dentist and the patient and where the patient gets the well deserved attention that is indispensable for the safe and stress-free completion of dental treatments.

Get to know us!


Our Team

Dr. Edina Koncz Senior dentist

I am coming from the beautiful city of Szeged (East side of Hungary). My parents and my grandparents were also doctors. I finished the University of Szeged in 1996 and I moved to Mosonmagyaróvár, in 2000. I have had my own practice here since 2004. From the beginning my aim hasn’t changed, I offer almost all dental treatments to my Patients. It means mainly aesthetic treatments, oral surgery, implantology, and periodontology.

I love challenges and I do my best to keep the teeth healthy of my patients. Here our aim is to keep their teeth as long as possible. Those who have already been in the clinic know that here they can find a really positive attitude and we laugh a lot in the team. It is simply because we are like this, but it helps patients too to become more relaxed and less anxious.

I am a real sportswoman, I love riding a bicycle, skiing and I am a real gastro fun as well. I am in love with tasty foods (eat and cook as well), good wines, and delicious chocolates.


I finished my dental studies in 2016 and I’ve been working here at Top-Dent since 2017. I love my work and I would like to learn a lot of things to become really professional in it. In 2017 I finished my Dental Hygienist studies and in 2018 an implantology hands-on course.

In our patient’s opinion, I am helpful and you can always see the big smile on my face. Due to the fact that here in this clinic we do quite a wide range of treatments, I learn every day something new.

With Dr. Edina we have something in common besides dentistry, I also love sports, mainly running with my dog and cycling. And one more thing, I also love cooking.


Klaudia Tóth Dental assistant and
Dental hygienist

Tóth Klaudia Fogászati szakasszisztens és dentálhigiénikus

Imre Dobos Dental assistant

I finished my studies in 2014 and I have been working here since 2016. I am most interested in implantology. This is why I fulfilled the implantology hands-on-course in 2018. In the clinic, I am responsible for X-Ray.

I am also a challenger in my work; this is why I am always open to new products and new treatments. What I love here the most is the rhythm of the work and the complexity of our treatments. It helps me to further develop my professional experience. And if we talk about experience, sorry for that, but I talk a lot. I love explaining everything to the patients, sometimes I talk too much. In more, before I was really afraid of dentists, so I know well what patients can feel when they arrive here. No worries, with humor we can always handle these situations.

Music, Bicycle, Nature – these are my hobbies.

Our Practice

Besides the safety protocols of a dental clinic, we take care of the quality of the air as well.
In the treatment rooms, we use the IQAir air cleaning system, from Switzerland. It cleans the air till 0,0003 microns, which basically gives us the fresh air of the Alpes of Switzerland.