Oral surgery


Besides the aesthetic dentistry, our clinic is specialized in oral surgery. It includes implantology treatments, sinus elevation, periodontology surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, and complicated tooth extractions.

Dr. Edina Koncz is the highest professional in oral surgery, she spent several years in the Dental Clinic of the university and has already accomplished hundreds of successful oral surgery treatments. She is a real challenger who loves complex cases that she treats in a less painful way.

Our oral surgery operations conducted with great precision under perfect operating sterility can not just relieve you of unpleasant symptoms, they can make tooth replacement possible for patients who didn’t have this possibility before. Thanks to oral surgery procedures we can replace jawbone portions lost through the years, thus it will be appropriate for fitting implants into it.

Bone grafts


When teeth are lost a natural process known as bone resorption causes a loss in the bone mass. The shrinking bone may not be suitable for dental implant surgery anymore especially if the planned positions of the implants are in close proximity to the nasal or sinus cavities. However, modern dentistry offers solutions for patients with a declining bone mass as well. With the help of procedures called bone grafting or sinus elevation, your dental surgeon has a good chance to successfully regenerate the lost bone mass and create an ideal environment for your dental implants.

Main application areas:


  • Certain periodontal conditions and treatments
  • Patients planning to undergo implant surgery

The bone graft procedure

In an ideal scenario where the bone quantity is sufficient both horizontally and vertically, the success rate of dental implants exceeds 93%. But with an exception of about 30-40% of all patients, the conditions are not that ideal. Most patients require some preparation before we place the dental implants to achieve the optimal functional and cosmetic outcome. This preparation phase usually involves bone grafts to regain the bone mass that was lost using either bone graft materials or the patient’s own bone (harvested from a different area of the jaw).

Sinus elevation


A sinus elevation is a procedure that is needed for upper jaw implant treatments, in case the jaw bone is too thin in the area. To make it thicker, an opening is made on the wall of the sinus cavity. Your surgeon then inserts a special tool to elevate the lining of the sinus floor and place bone graft material under it. In certain cases, dental implants can be placed during the very same visit, otherwise healing period may be needed before the treatment can further proceed.

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