Dental implants are artificially made tooth roots made of titanium or ceramics. The dental implants are placed into the jawbones by your dental surgeon to replace the roots of missing teeth.

Dental implantation opened a possibility to be able to talk about the replacement of an individual tooth, several teeth side by side, or even a rehabilitation affecting the complete jaw. The most ideal tooth replacements from a medical, aesthetic, and functional point of view can be achieved through implants.

Advantages of implants:


  • Durability: the lifetime of an implant -with proper dental hygiene and recurring dental checkups naturally- is very long, can last up to 25-30 years or even a full lifespan.
  • Best value-for-money rate: taking durability into account,, the price of implant tooth replacements is the most favorable proportionally!
  • Aesthetics: most lifelike replacements can be fitted by the help of implants
  • Comfort and function: wearing and using implant tooth replacements is comfortable, equivalent to natural teeth. You don’t need to worry about a possible shifting of the replacement when you bite or chew!
  • Facial aesthetics: fitted implants can prevent the atrophy of jawbones, thus contributing to the preservation of a youthful facial contour.

For implanting operations, in our practice we use the products of Nobel Biocare, Alpha Bio and MegaGen. This wide selection of products enables us to find the right solution for every one of our patients, both professionally and financially.

During the healing period following the implantation, implants strongly lock in the jawbone, thus we can use them to create fixed anchoring points for assorted tooth replacements.

Before dental implants were developed, fixed tooth replacements could only be created by using natural teeth bracketing the deficiency area to hold the replacements. For that, holder (“pillar”) teeth needed to be ground down which resulted in great loss of dental material, and this process is irreversible. These kinds of replacements also have the limitation of very rarely being used for trailing (“end of the line”) replacements, because in this case only one side of the replacement can be securely fastened to a solid point inside the mouth.


Nobel Biocare was the first company on the market of dental implants in the early ‘80s. To this date, more studies are made of Nobel Biocare products than of all competitors combined. The technology is constantly being improved within their multiple factories in Sweden and the United States. Nobel Biocare provides a complex integrated system for computer-driven manufacturing and sophisticated CAD/CAM processes. We highly recommend Nobel Biocare products to patients who seek the best available quality on the market.

Alpha Bio

Dental implants produced by Alpha-Bio Tec. offer solutions to imitate the feeling of having natural teeth. Thanks to constant product development and precise manufacturing Alpha Bio implants are market leaders in many countries. There is a very strict and tight quality-control system in Alpha Bio factories approved by all supervisory bodies of the world. Due to their wide range of products, everybody can find a fitting solution to their medical needs and budgets.


MegaGen implants are based in South Korea and are now available in more than 100 countries. Dental professionals appreciate their many innovations they have provided dentistry with. MegaGen implants quickly became popular amongst patients as well due to their affordable prices. This manufacturer was founded by dentists in 2002 and has put enormous resources in developing new products to make their dental implants even more durable and comfortable for patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions?

Here you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions. If you have further details to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on the right side of this page.


Is the treatment painful?

We use local anesthetics during the procedure. Most of our patients experience a lot less discomfort than what they expected.

Can I chew my food the same way I did before?

Yes. After a short healing time, your new bridges are ready to take the load of natural biting forces.

How shall I care for my implants?

The key to long-term success is maintenance. You may need to improve your daily hygiene routine and use some extra tools like an interdental toothbrush, Superfloss, or a Waterpik. It is absolutely necessary for you to attend your regular checkup appointments with your dentist.

Am I too old for All-on-4™?

Not necessarily. A healthy lifestyle and general health are a lot more important. If you have some existing health conditions but these are well-maintained, it is very likely you stilly qualify for dental implants.

How long will it take to create the tooth replacement?

This can widely vary from person to person, it may depend on (for example) how long ago was/were the tooth/teeth in need of replacement removed, is there a possibility for immediate implantation, is bone grafting necessary. These factors can change the time of treatment by months both ways, but in general, you can say goodbye to us in 3-6 months, in possession of a beautiful and durable, permanent tooth replacement. But only until we meet again for a checkup! ?

Will I have to be without teeth during the transitional period?

Fortunately, there are several solutions for temporary tooth replacement, these may need to be replaced in different stages of the treatment. While planning the treatment we will take your conditions and questions into account, and discuss with what kind of temporary replacement we can outfit you.

Is it a problem if I smoke?

Smoking has a bad effect on bone healing and wound healing, but also several other reasons could be pointed out as to why this harmful habit is not particularly advantageous regarding implants. Naturally, smoking will not present an excluding factor, but during your consultation, it is worth discussing the details.

How durable are implants?

The durability greatly depends on you being able to learn the proper home dental care routine that is required for implant tooth replacements. Besides that, it is important that we nip the formation of any issue in the bud, therefore we expect you back every half a year for checkups and professional hygienic cleaning sessions to our practice! Keeping all these you may enjoy your implants for 25-30 years or even for a lifetime.

How is planning for the treatment done?

First, we examine the anatomic features of your oral cavity and we’ll also ask about your specific preferences regarding your smile. For planning your treatment, we’ll take a digital panoramic X-Ray image of your teeth and jawbones and use our special softwares to plan the future positions of your dental implants. And additional CBCT scan may also be necessary for the treatment planning. Your dental treatment plan will include a treatment schedule and an itemized price quotation as well. You may make your decision regarding the treatment in possession of all this information.

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