We offer a guarantee for each treatment we do. It can vary depending on the complexity of the treatment.

For our beautiful crowns, bridges, and prothesis we offer a 3-year-guarantee. If you follow the proposed oral health advice, within this period we help you to solve your problem for free.

Dental implants are more complex, therefore the guarantee is different. If for any reason your dental implants placed in our clinic need to be removed within 10 years, you are subject to the 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

This means that you will get a new dental implant free of charge and Dr. Edina Koncz will perform the surgery at no extra cost to yourself.

It is important that the guarantee can only be ensured if you:

  • Attend half a year checkups
  • Clean your implants, tooth replacements and natural teeth according to the dentist’s directions
  • Take your doctor’s advice, have suggested treatments done
  • Do not receive treatment in another dental practice in relation to the tooth replacement at hand
  • Use your implants, tooth replacements, teeth as intended.

Guarantee does not cover damages resulting from intentional damage, accident, trauma injury or losing your tooth replacement.

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