Dental whitening


Factors causing dental discoloration


Our teeth are nice and bright at a young age but they tend to get darker over time. This is completely natural and is mainly caused by consuming black tea, coffee or red wine and other, highly pigmented foods or beverages or smoking cigarettes. By avoiding these you can slow down the discoloration of your teeth, not to mention other health benefits.
If dental discoloration has become bothersome and you would like to lighten, refresh your tooth color, we are at your disposal in our practice!

Teeth whitening step by step

  • Upon the initial dentist consultation, we have to take the existing aesthetic fillings and dental crowns into account as it is not possible to change their colors during the whitening procedure. You may consider having them changed for a perfect result.
  • We’ll perform a professional dental hygiene treatment removing plaque & tartar and polishing the teeth surfaces.
  • Your dentist will register the shade of your teeth before starting the treatment.
  • We’ll take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Our dental lab technician will create your tailor-made whitening trays based on the impressions.
  • You shall place a few drops of the whitening gel into your trays and wear the trays as prescribed.
  • After 1 week of use, you’ll be seen for a check-up appointment in our clinic where we’ll compare your results with your starting shade.

This process may be somewhat slower than others but has the benefit of almost completely eliminating any discomfort or tooth sensitivity associated with chairside whitening treatments. And the results are always spectacular!
In our clinic, we use the bleaching products of Opalescence (Ultradent Products, U.S.A.) exclusively. This was the first licensed whitening product to be used in the EU and is still widely popular due to its excellent quality.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding tooth whitening


  • What shall I do if I experience tooth sensitivity during treatment?
    You may skip one night and then continue your bleaching normally the following night.
  • How expensive is tooth whitening?
    Tooth whitening is available for a really reasonable cost especially if you compare with alternative treatments like having crowns or veneers done.
  • Will it cause any damage to my teeth?
    Not at all. Some temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but it will fade away within a few days.
  • Can it whiten the discolorations caused by medication?
    Yes, it can. For conditions like this, we use whitening products with higher concentration.
  • Can I eat anything during and after tooth whitening?
    In this period strongly colored foods (red wine, coffee, beets, spinach etc.) can alter tooth color, thus their consumption is to be avoided! After whitening, a few days are needed for the stabilization of dental color, therefore consume lightly colored or colorless foods.

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