ALL-ON-4 The modern solution for complete tooth loss


ALL-ON-4 A modern megoldás teljes foghiányra


If you need all your teeth to be replaced, traditional removable dentures are rarely the perfect solution. These dentures may occasionally cause discomfort or pain while in use and are less stable than natural teeth or fixed restorations making the consumption of certain foods difficult. Modern dentistry offers a variety of solutions with no compromise on your quality of life. One of them is All-on-4™.

Advantages of All-on-4™ dental implant tooth replacements


Benefits of All-on-4™ restorations:

  • Your teeth replacements look and feel completely natural
  • A fixed restoration – no slipping to avoid embarrassing moments
  • No plate covering the palate allowing you to enjoy all flavours as before
  • Firm chewing forces – you won’t need to give up your favourite meals
  • Balancing out face-collapse, providing a fuller, younger look to your face
  • No need to use denture adhesives or to remove your dentures for the night
  • No rubbing or gagging

One of the leading companies in producing dental implants, Nobel Biocare created the innovation of the All-on-4™ system in cooperation with famous dentist-implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo. After years of extensive clinical research, a method has been created that provides patients with a natural-looking fixed restoration of the whole jaw, using only 4 implants as support.

What exactly is All-on-4™?


All-on-4™ is an effective technique for a full-jaw restoration involving 4 dental implants which -opposed to traditional ones- are inserted into the jawbone at an angle for ideal load distribution. All-on-4™ is a long lasting, safe and durable way to recreate a natural smile.

The total treatment time is less as only 4 implants need to be placed in the jawbones. The angled placement of the implants makes bone graft procedures unnecessary in most cases. You can have your temporary teeth fitted immediately after the implant surgery and wear them right until your final bridges are ready to be handed over.

This takes a couple of weeks as the implants need some time to completely fuse with your jawbone. Your permanent restorations may be fully fixed and removable based on your condition and needs. With your new set of teeth, you can continue to live your life as you did with your natural teeth.

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