Aesthetic veneers


Your dentist has the ability to completely transform your smile. This will improve your overall appearance and increase your self-confidence.
These smile transformation treatments are more invasive compared to regular teeth bleaching procedures, but also allow your dentist a greater freedom in creating your desired looks.
In dentistry, we call wafer-thin porcelain plates veneers, with which we can change the appearance of teeth by fastening them to the tooth’s external surface.
By the help of aesthetic veneers we can

  • Restore broken, chipped teeth
  • Correct abraded, cracked tooth enamel
  • Achieve major change in tooth color
  • Equalize smaller tooth deviations in form and size
  • Close up gaps
  • Treat a single tooth or conduct a complete smile overhaul.

How are aesthetic veneers made?


Naturally, treatment starts by careful planning. We consider our options and the results you would like to see regarding your smile, then make recommendations towards the solution. If you accept the recommendations, treatment is started by preparing the teeth: we polish off a thin layer from the external surface of the teeth to create room for the veneers to be made. We take a cast which we forward to our dental tech lab: veneers are manufactured there. Semi-finished veneers are test-fitted once, we carry out necessary changes if needed, then a few days later we fasten the finished, completed pieces. Treatment is completely painless and takes about 1-2 weeks.

We recommend veneers to you if

  • You couldn’t achieve the color you long for by whitening
  • You are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, e.g. you are finding them too small, or dislike their shape
  • One or several of your teeth differ from the rest and you’d prefer a more uniform look
  • One or several of your teeth are damaged, broken, chipped
  • You observe bothersome gaps between your teeth
  • The size of your teeth is uneven
  • You’d like to avoid having crowns fitted which require the removal of significantly more tooth matter
  • You can’t devote several years to orthodontics

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