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Human relations are important to us. We operate as a family within our dental practice and we welcome new members to this family who will be treated as such.


We take the time between treatments to be able to talk a bit, to be able to transition to the next patient and most important of all, assign enough time for the treatments with no rush.


The world is rushing by around us and we would like all those who pay us a visit to slow down, take a rest, relax. This too is possible in a dental practice! We look forward to seeing you!

30+Cumulative experience (years)
4972Satisfied patients
11476Teeth fixed beautifully

The heart and soul of our practice is the team we work with!

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Hygiene and Safety first!

Besides the safety protocols of a dental clinic, we take care of the quality of the air as well.

In the treatment rooms, we use the IQAir air cleaning system, from Switzerland. It cleans the air till 0,0003 microns, which basically gives us the fresh air of the Alpes of Switzerland.

We look forward to seeing you in our practice!


Book an appointment quickly and simply!

What do you turn to us with?